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Studying languages at Pontypridd High School is an exciting experience. Welsh and Spanish are taught by established, enthusiastic staff who take pride in delivering challenging, fun lessons to pupils of all abilities.

Welsh is taught to all pupils in years 7-11 and is an option subject at Key Stage 5. In years 7 and 8, pupils are taught in sets which are determined by assessment results and their ability in other core subjects. In years 9-11, pupils are set according to their ability in languages. Most pupils are entered for the Welsh Second Language GCSE in year 11. The Welsh GCSE results are regularly amongst the highest in the school.

Outside the classroom, pupils are encouraged to take part in activities which will enable them to experience Welsh as a living language. Recent events have included our school Eisteddfod, language day activities, a Welsh themed football world cup day, pupil led Welsh assemblies and a theatre visit.


Staff Members Responsibility
Diane Thomas Head of Faculty Languages
Gabrielle Mills Leader of Learning
Donna Mantle Teacher

Years 7 and 8 

Pupils cover a variety of topics during years 7-8 such as Ysgol (school) Dathlu (celebrating) and Gwyliau (holidays) and pupils are assessed on their standards in their speaking/listening, writing and reading skills. Lessons are lively with pupils being expected to make a positive contribution to all activities. Other skills such as literacy, thinking skills, communication and working with others are also developed during lessons.

Years 9,10 and 11 Full GCSE Option 

Sixth Form Courses