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Exam Information

Please refrain from taking holidays during exam periods as Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued.

Written Exams start in May. Oral and Practical exams are continuing throughout the academic year as part of external results. Please ask your child to speak to their teacher regarding dates of oral/practical exams. Thank you


JCQ Exam information

Exam Frequently Asked Questions

When will GCSE and GCE exam timetables be issued? 

Provisional timetables will be issued after February half-term. Final timetables including seating will be issued after the Easter break.

What equipment does my child require for exams?

A clear pencil case, black pens, calculator, ruler, eraser and pencil.

What if my child is ill on a day when he/she is sitting an exam? 

You will need to contact the school and will be sent a Self-Certification for candidates form. This form must be completed by the school, your surgery, you as a parent/guardian and also the candidate. If this form is not completed and returned to Mrs. Heather Young, the examination board will not grant special consideration and your child may not receive a grade.

What if my child turns up late for an exam? 

Morning exams start at 9:00am following morning registration and afternoon exams start between 1:00pm and 2:00pm. If your child turns up more than a half hour late for an examination, they may still be allowed to sit the exam. A report will be sent to the examination board along with their exam paper. It is then at the board’s discretion whether or not a grade is given.

Can my child take a drink into the exam room? 

Yes, but this must be in a clear container with the label removed.

What if my child has his/her mobile phone on his/her person during an exam? 

The invigilator will take the phone from the candidate and let him/her continue with the exam.  Once the exam is finished the candidate will need to accompany the invigilator to see the exams officer and will be asked to write a statement. This statement along with one from the invigilator and the exams officer will be sent to the exam board who will make a decision whether or not a grade is given.

What if the exams extend beyond the school day? 

It is the child/parents responsibility to arrange late transport home. As a school, we will do our utmost to try and finish the majority of exams in time for school transport home.

What happens if my child breaks any of the rules/regulations as set by the JCQ? 

The results of these decisions vary depending on the severity of the action, below are some examples:

  • Warning
  • Loss of marks gained for a section
  • Loss of all the marks gained for a component
  • Loss of all the marks gained for a unit
  • Disqualification from the unit
  • Disqualification from all units in one or more qualifications taken in the series
  • Disqualification from the whole qualification
  • Disqualification from all qualifications taken in that series
  • Barred from entering for examinations for a set period of time

When are exam results issued? 


When can I collect my certificates after the Summer exams?

Certificates are ready for collection from the school the first week in November and WILL be destroyed the following year if not collected.

I've collected my certificates and lost them. Where can I get copies?

You will need to contact the examination boards directly via their individual websites:





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