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The partnership between Pontypridd High School and Hawthorn High School strives to ensure that you have access to subjects that interest you and allow the required combinations to successfully gain places at University, on apprenticeships, at college and work. Each type of course offers something different to each individual student. It is important that these differences are taken into consideration when making option choices.

AS/A level: These would generally require you to have gained at least a C grade at GCSE in this subject. However, new subjects not previously taken at GCSE can be chosen depending on your overall results.

BTEC: Studied over 2 years consisting totally of coursework assignments. Single Award is equivalent to 1 A level and Double Award to 2 A levels.

Art & Design AS/A level

Biology AS/A level

Business AS/A level

Drama & Theatre Studies AS/A level (Hawthorn)

English Literature AS/A level

French AS/A level (Hawthorn)

Geography AS/A level

History AS/A level

Hospitality: BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality

ICT AS/A level

Mathematics AS/A level

Media Studies AS/A level

Music AS/A level

Physical Education AS/A level

Physics AS/A level

Product Design AS/A level

Religious Studies AS/A level

Science: BTEC Level 3 Applied Forensic Science

Welsh AS/A level

Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Level