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The Science Faculty at Pontypridd High School aims to inspire pupils to develop their own natural curiosity of the world around them whilst enabling pupils to acquire the skills and qualifications that will allow them to grow as individuals and become life-long learners with successful careers.

Every teacher in the faculty is passionate about their subject and dedicated to engaging pupils in creative and supportive ways which give each learner experiences and opportunities to achieve their full potential.


Staff Member Responsibility
Kerry Stockman Head of Faculty
Ross Clear Teacher
Chloe Atwood Leader of Learning
Catherine Lee Leader of Wellbeing
Rhian Williams Teacher
Samantha Taylor Teacher
Rowan Donovan Teacher
John Hamiwka Technician

Years 7 and 8  

Students follow all aspects of the National Curriculum covering topics such as classification, forces, acids and bases, reproduction, electricity and atomic structure. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, but they are fully supported in developing an understanding of the 'scientific method'. Science is assessed through the development of Enquiry Skills and supports the Literacy and Numeracy Framework.

Years 9, 10 and 11)

Sixth Form Courses