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Welcome to Pontypridd High Transition Page


To enrol your child/children at Pontypridd High School:

Contact the RCT School Admissions Team on (01443) 744232

For further information, please contact the school on (01443) 486133



This section of the website aims to explain the transition process that year 6 pupils can expect.  If you have any queries regarding your child joining Year 7 then please contact us at

Our transition programme ensures new pupils feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at Pontypridd High School. 

It is very important to us that we get to know pupils throughout year 5 and year 6.  We invest time in our transition programme so pupils can experience high school with plenty of time to prepare.  We spend time getting to know pupils as well as collecting all the relevant information from their primary schools so that we can ensure the best support is in place for them.