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'Welcome to the Ponty High Transition page'

This section of the website aims to explain the transition process that year 6 pupils can expect.  If you have any queries regarding your child joining Year 7 then please contact us at

Our transition programme ensures new pupils feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at Pontypridd High School. 

It is very important to us that we get to know pupils throughout year 5 and year 6.  We invest time in our transition programme so pupils can experience high school with plenty of time to prepare.  We spend time getting to know pupils as well as collecting all the relevant information from their primary schools so that we can ensure the best support is in place for them.


 'YouTube Information'

Over the last year, we have worked hard to ensure that there is a range of information online to support the transition process.  This includes a number of videos on our YouTube channel, including a Q&A (which can be found below), meet teams of staff and a virtual tour of the school.





Please follow this link for more:



'Transition Timeline'

We would normally be writing to parent and carers at this time to confirm final transition events, but this is more difficult this year because arrangements for a full return to school remain unclear. However, we are positive that one way or another we will be able to work through our transition programme.  Please find some information below about what to expect over the next few months:


January 2021 - Applications received


January - July 2021 - Our dedicated team of transition staff will make contact with all primary schools to discuss matters relating to each child.  This includes information that relates to individual wellbeing, teaching and learning and the important details that will ensure your child receives the right support both in and out of the classroom.


March 2021 - Year 6 Parent and Carer Meetings online - we plan to hold an online 'question and answer' session for parents and carers from each primary school.  Details of this will be finalised and made available to you.  Staff will be present to answer any questions you may have. 


June 2021 - Year 6 Transition days.  These are planned for Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th June but will be confirmed closer to the time. 


July 2021 - Open Evening for Year 5 and 6 children, parent and carers.  Planned for Wednesday 7th July.



Year 7 Staff

Mrs Rebecca Enos - Head of Wellbeing

Miss Katie Pritchard - Standards Manager

Mrs Katie Rees - Wellbeing and Attendance Manager

Mrs Claire Finney - ALNCO

Mrs Nicola Francis - ALNCO support


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