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Support with Using Social Media

It is currently believed that 8 in 10 young people in Wales access social media on a regular basis. Social media can be a great place to communicate with friends and family, share experiences and learn more about the world around you.

However, social media can also be harmful if not used correctly. Many young people have either had bad experiences when online or know of someone who has had a bad experience online. It is really important to know how to use social media in a healthy and safe way.

Here are some top tips for using social media:

- Always ensure that your profiles are private and that you do not give away personal information.

- Always ensure that you know the people that you are talking to.

- Always report any concerning behaviour or bad experiences to someone that you trust.

- Set yourself limits for social media use each day to avoid over use.

- Always make sure that you treat others in the same way that you want to be treated.

Support in School

In school, the following support is available:

- You can speak with any member of staff if you have a concern (teachers, teaching assistants, and non-teaching members of staff)

- Wellbeing and Standards Managers


- Eye to Eye Counsellors

- School Beat Police Liaison Officer

Links to useful websites

The below websites provide some helpful advice and information on how to use social media in a healthy manner and what to do if you are having bad experiences with it.

Mental Health First Aid - Three ways to use social media positively

Mental Health Foundation - Healthy social media

NSPCC - Bullying and cyberbullying advice

Young Minds - Bullying, a guide for young people