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Support with Social Media

It is currently believed that 8 in 10 young people in Wales access social media on a regular basis. Social media can be a great place for young people to communicate with friends and family, share experiences and learn more about the world around them.

However, social media can also be harmful if not used correctly. Many young people have either had bad experiences when online or know of someone who has had a bad experience online. It is really important that young people know how to use social media in a healthy and safe way.

Below are links to websites that can support parents and carers in understanding social media and support the children in their care.

Staff who can offer support

If you have any concerns about would like to speak with a member of staff please contact:

- Miss Catherine Lee Leader of Wellbeing and Attendance

- Mrs Katie Rees Year 7 and 8 Wellbeing Manager

- Mr Irfan Ally Year 9, 10 and 11 Wellbeing Manager/Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer

Links to useful websites

Mediasmart - How much smartphone use is too much?

Young Minds - Social media, a guide for parents

Parentzone - Social media, a parent's guide