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Rewards and Sanctions


At Pontypridd High School, we value the achievements and successes of all our learners. Our rewards system has been put in place to encourage and motivate learners and to give us the opportunity to celebrate with them.

We use Class Charts to record positive points, these can be awarded for many reasons such as academic achievement, being ethical, or positively contributing towards the lesson or whole school event. Parents and pupils have access to the points awarded on Class Charts.

The positive points are used as follows:

- Weekly review with form tutor

- Each week pupils with the highest positive points are celebrated in assembly and texts are sent home.

- To award the ‘Pupil of the Half Term’ for each year group.

- Positive postcards are sent home on a regular basis.

- Termly celebration assemblies.

- Each term the pupils with the highest Class Charts points in each year group receive a reward. These are appropriate for the year group and the season; past rewards have been a free school trip or vouchers to use in the Café.


Class Charts is also used to record any negative behaviour, when this occurs, we work with learners using restorative approaches to encourage them to take responsibility for their actions. Further details can be found in the schools positive relationship policy.