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No Pens Day

On Tuesday 6th December, we held a No Pens Day at Pontypridd High School.  This meant that for one day, pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 were not asked to produce extended writing in their lessons, but concentrated on developing their speaking and listening skills. 

In Maths, pupils put down their pens and picked up their language by holding a Maths speed dating activity and a pokemon hunt.  Pupils loved trawling the lower block while solving mathematical problems in their quest to ‘catch them all.’

In Science, the emphasis was on team experiments involving kinaesthetic learning to investigate reaction times, particle theory and chemical versus physical change.

Innovative and engaging lessons were taught across the curriculum, including human grid references, formal presentations and debates, reading loops and blindfolded listening activities.

Many pupils took the opportunity to air their views in our ‘Diary Room’ and filled out feedback forms.  As 93% of pupils stated that they would like to participate in such a day again, another No Pen Day at Pontypridd High School looks likely!