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A Level Results Day 2021

Pontypridd High School

A Level Results 2021

Given the exceptional circumstances everyone has faced in the last 18 months I would like to congratulate each of our students who have achieved success with their A level and AS results. It is a testament to their perseverance and commitment that they have met all the challenges put before them. Year 12 students have made a successful transition from GCSE to A Level and their results are very encouraging for the year ahead. 

In relation to our A Level results, particular mention must be given to Nia Davies and Anna Jones who both achieved A*AAA, Roman Ahearn A*A*AB, Noor Randhawa A*AAB, Kane Tutssel A*A*BB, Regan Fear A*ABB, Ffion Jones A*AAB, Kate Barrett A*ABB, Lewis Ferguson A*ABB and Leah Pryse A*ABB. Also to Jesse John A*ACC, Kyle Davies AAAB, Grace Wilde A*AAD, Malachy Jennings AABC, Grace Pyatt A*AC, Jessica Davies A*BBB, Cerys Owen A*ABC, Aliyah Kennedy A*ABC and Jodie Matthews A*BBC. Distinctions were also achieved by Lewis Bowden, Nia Bruce and Anna Owen in their chosen subjects.

Through the course of their A Level and AS studies each student has been required to adapt to new expectations and to the procedures by which grades have been awarded. What we know about our school is that support has been offered in so many different ways by staff and through strong friendships amongst the students. This has proved to be an essential part of maintaining a positive outlook when times were difficult. Alongside this, I am also very much aware of the very positive relationships and partnerships we have established with each family over a number of years and as staff we greatly appreciate the support you have given.

We are extremely proud of every student and I am sure everyone will find time to reflect on their experiences at Pontypridd High and in particular the last 18 months or so. Without question, it is now the time to look forward and make the very best of all the opportunities that lie ahead knowing that the offer of support, help and advice will always be there if needed.

Mr Bill Davies, Chair of Governors would also like to acknowledge what has been achieved and pass on his congratulations to all students on their results, in addition to thanking staff for their continued hard work and the support, ensuring our school continues to provide a very successful Sixth Form provision.

We thank those students who are now leaving us for their contribution to our school and wish them well as they move on to new opportunities beyond Pontypridd High.

Huw Cripps