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A Level Results 2020

Pontypridd High School

A Level Results 2020

Given the exceptional circumstances everyone has faced in recent months I would like to congratulate each of our students who have achieved success with their A level results. It is testament to the commitment of all students that outcomes at both A*/A and A* to C have improved significantly on last year. The Skills Challenge Certificate results are exceptional with most passing at A* or A grade. In addition I also want to congratulate the many students who have achieved very good grades at the end of their A/S Year 12 studies. In terms of our Sixth Form provision these results are very encouraging for the year ahead.

Given all considerations and decisions, particular mention of our A Level results must be given to Isobelle Preston with A*A*A*A and Tom Penikett with A*A*AB along with Emilie Williams and Aled Moore with A*A*AA, Seren Hopkins A*A*A*BB, Abby Watkins A*A*AB, Megan Groves A*AAA, Liam Hooper A*A*AA and Billie Mai Cox A*AAC. Similarly impressive results were achieved by Abby Watkins A*A*AB, Seren James A*AAB, Maia Davies A*A*BC, Katie Lloyd AAAD and Cara Watkins with A*ABB. Congratulations also to William Mansell A*BBB and Leah Nicholas A*BBB, Michael Bowen AAB, Chelsea Harvey AAB and Josh Hughes AAC who all performed to a very high standard.

As Headteacher I am very much aware that a major part of this success is a result of the very positive relationships and partnerships we have established with each family over a number of years. As always the commitment from all students, staff and the support of each family is greatly appreciated.

In 2020 everyone has been challenged in a way that no others have experienced before. We are very proud of all our students and this year more than any other they should consider themselves unique in every positive sense of the word. This is now the time to look forward and make the very best of the opportunities that lie ahead and to that extent I am pleased that students have been able to access a place in higher education of their choice.

Mr Bill Davies, Chair of Governors wanted to acknowledge what has been achieved and he congratulates all of the students on their results in addition to thanking staff for their continued hard work and support which ensures Pontypridd High School continues to provide a very successful Sixth Form provision.

We thank those students who are now leaving us for their contribution to our School and wish them well as they move on to new challenges beyond Pontypridd High.

Huw Cripps


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