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Transition news from the Maths Faculty

Hi Year 6. All of the Maths teachers at PHS are very much looking forward to meeting you.

Normally at this time of year you would be visiting us and we would have chance to meet. Unfortunately we can’t this year so I will tell you a little bit about Year 7 Maths instead. You will have four one hour lessons each week taught by one of the seven maths teachers here. You will study a mixture of topics using number, measure and algebra. Mathematics isn’t just about using these skills though; it is about exploring patterns, solving puzzles and applying what you know to a range of problems. Next year you will have a chance to do all of these things and build ‘HELLO’ FROM MATHS on the skills and knowledge you already have gained in your Primary School. Looking forward to meeting you in September. Why not try our challenges? Challenge 1: Do some research on My Astley’s favourite Mathematician; Pythagoras of Samos Challenge 2: Estimate the total length of all of the toilet paper in your home.’

Mr Astley Head of Mathematics