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Transition news from the Science Faculty

Hi, Year 6. A very warm welcome from us all in the Science Faculty.

We are writing just to say a big hello from all of us and to tell you a little bit about what you can expect to learn in Science in Year 7 from September in Pontypridd High School. We are so excited for you all to come into the laboratories and learn some new scientific concepts through practical work. You will all start with the ‘Safety’ topic where you will learn to use the science laboratories and equipment. You will be taught how to use the Bunsen burners and chemicals safely as well as how to use some other scientific equipment you may not have used before. We find this topic is excellent for displaying the safety skills you will need to use in a science laboratory for your whole time at Pontypridd High School. After you have passed the safety topic you will then all study different topics at different times but you will get to learn them all at some point in the year so don’t worry if one of your friends is doing something you feel would be fun, your time on that topic will come. In Year 7 and 8 we teach science in projects so you will be learning STAY SAFE STAY HOME PAGE 8 lots of different bits of science in one topic which has a theme and big question. Our projects include “What makes an organism?” & “How do animals survive?” as well as “How do my electronics work?” During Year 7 we want to help you to develop your scientific skills as well as scientific knowledge. Your lessons will help you to develop the skills needed for scientific enquiry, including predicting, observing & concluding. As well as this science lessons are excellent opportunities for you to develop your literacy and numeracy skills. We are all looking forward to meeting you in September. We hope you have a lovely summer break and stay safe. To help prepare for September you can continue to practice your literacy and numeracy skills and take some time out of your day to think about the science that is around you (e.g. how are the plants growing and why does a cake only bake with heat?). Stay safe Year 6 and we will see you in September. Science Faculty.