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Year 13 Prom - Memories to Cherish

Year 13 pupils were treated to a dazzling evening of school life celebration at Cardiff Castle on Saturday. Read our Head Boy's account of the evening below:

What a year it’s been! The step up from GCSE to A-levels was immense, the level of dedication and work ethic became significant in my studies but alongside my subjects was the daunting organisation of the end of year prom. Head girl Lucy Thomas and myself looked back over the years gone and decided to aim high, to aim for the best when regarding our prom, so the idea of Cardiff Castle was a venue in which we saw great prospect. After consulting with our head teacher Mr. Cripps and getting the all clear to push for such a renowned venue, we faced a little bit of hostility from our head of year at the time Mr. Roach who posed a more realistic approach after we had told him we needed to raise upwards of £8000; however Lucy and myself knew failure was not an option for us and we would give our all into raising the sufficient funds.

Fundraising became the priority for us; the organisation of bake sales, teacher and pupil quiz nights along with the running of the tuck shop coupled with determination, a lot of hard work and the occasional tears saw the money slowly starting to add up. Our dream of holding prom in Cardiff Castle and raising £8000 had now become a reality! On the 14th of July 2018, the sixth form all dressed for the occasion had their prom held at the castle.

The night was amazing, better than I could have hoped for. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, staff and pupils. Thirty members of staff attended the prom which I feel is great credit to our year group in the teachers wanting a good send off to our year. The location was spectacular, the weather stayed stunning and everyone looked brilliant. The hard work we put in had all came together which become apparent after the speeches when we received a huge round of applause and a collection of handshakes and thank you’s at the end of the night.

A massive thank you to Mr. Cripps for his support all the way through this process, to Mr. Roach in being the first person to push us with our dream and for being there every step of the way. A massive thank you to Claire cook, we could not have created such a night without you and to Head girl Lucy; you have been the best head girl that I could have worked with, you aim high and achieve these aims through hard work and determination and the occasional tears. Lastly, to Mrs Panes! The blood, sweat and tears you put into your work really pushed us to want to create such a special night to reward special people such as yourself.

I feel we aimed high with Cardiff Castle, straying from the stereotypical prom venue choice of the past, however, we managed to fulfil the dream and to create a great night that was the perfect send off for our sixth form year group.

A massive thank you to Amy-Jane Davies, our photographer for capturing a wonderful night with memories to treasure. Please follow links below to see:




Adam Jones- Head boy