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Work Experience at NHS, a great success!

Well done to Nia Davies, Maxwell Pounder and Aysha Khalid who have recently completed a week of Work Experience at the NHS.

They spent two days at Royal Glamorgan Hospital, two days at Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda and a day at Ysbyty George Thomas. During this time they toured all the wards and had talks with many practitioners including Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Resus Nurses, Clinical Engineers and not forgetting the patients.

Maxwell, who wants to pursue a career in clinical engineering said: "taking part in this work experience has inspired me all the more to become a Clinical Engineer, it was so good to talk to people who are actually doing the job."

Nia, who wants to be a Physiotherapist commented:  "the work experience was fantastic! Not enough credit is given to the staff who work tirelessly especially housekeeping, they are all amazing"
Aysha who is still deciding between Physiotherapy and Clinical Engineering added: "there are so many jobs within the NHS and now we know exactly what we need to do to get the job we want."

PHS is so pleased that you were inspired by your time at the hospitals. We hope you get your dream jobs.