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Pupil Parliament

Would you like to join Pupil Parliament?

The Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament plays a key role in making decisions at Pontypridd High School. Every pupil should be able to make a contribution to decisions which are made about how our school works and improves. The Pupil Parliament gives pupils an opportunity to offer opinions and suggestions, express concerns and work together, turning the best ideas into actions which make our school more successful for everyone. The aims of our Parliament are;

  • To make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for everyone.
  • To make sure that all students have a place to articulate and express their concerns.
  • To encourage all students in school to suggest improvements and areas for development.
  • To make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.
  • To build good relationships between the school and our local community.


Who are the Pupil Parliament and what do they do ?

The parliament is a well respected body within our School. It comprises a group of students who represent different age groups in our school from Year 7 to Year 13.

The Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them. As part of their responsibilities, they organise meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues.  Actions from each meeting are shared with the rest of the school through this area on the school website. Feedback is taken by members of the Parliament to the School Leadership Team at least once each term.


By discussing such issues and talking to staff and school governors the parliament are able to ‘have a say’ and make their voices heard on school policies and make changes to the way our school operates.


Why join the Pupil Parliament ?

By being part of the Parliament you are able to make a real difference to our school that will benefit everyone. You will have leadership opportunities which will enable you to develop valuable communication, organisation and debating skills. It is your chance to do something on behalf of your peers and it will appear as a very positive feature on your CV for the future.

How do I join the Pupil Parliament ?

If you would like to be a part of the pupil Parliament for this school year, 2017/18 you will need to fill in a short application form which you can access by following the link below. Your completed form needs to be emailed back to the Mrs Debbie Davies (School Governor), by Monday, October 23rd.