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Positive Achievement Award Celebration Event 2017

Alex John (current Year 12) won the Positive Achievement Award for Year 11 last year. It is run by RCT and Nikki Brittain came into the RoA ceremony in May to present it to him. He was then invited to a reception for all RCT winners on Thursday 20th Llantrisant Leisure Centre. Positive Achievement includes 95%+ attendance, punctuality, presentation (uniform), work assignments and meeting deadlines, and completing work experience.

Alex has been a unanimous decision by all staff at Pontypridd High School this year. In fact we could not think of a more deserving winner. Since joining Pontypridd High School in September 2012 Alex has been an outstanding member of the school. His positive and mature approach to all aspects of school life has always appeared effortless.

Throughout his time at Ponty High Alex has been part of the More Able and Talented programme. He has excelled and shown interest in a number of subjects. This year he has done extremely well in Geography and Resistant Materials. When asking staff about Alex many describe him as a very conscientious student, who strives to do everything to the best of his ability. This become clear to me in January when he received a disappointing result in his English exam. Alex’s did not let this set back hinder him and his reaction was amazing. He took the experience on the chin and wanted to know exactly what areas needed to be addressed and improved so he could do better when he sat the paper again. This attitude has always benefitted Alex and will hopefully serve him well when he leaves school. Alex is one of our highest achievers in Year 11 and without a doubt this will reflect in outstanding results in August.

Alex’s great attitude, determination and dedication has also encouraged him to participate in sports. He is a keen rugby and football player and has been part of the school team since Year 7. This year he was selected to attend a rugby tournament in Rosslyn Park. This was an incredible experience for Alex and his team.

Alex’s is an all-round perfect role model for younger pupils. He is liked by both staff and peers. I hope he has enjoyed his time at Pontypridd High school as much as we the staff have enjoyed teaching him. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Alex and I wish him all the best for the future.

Miss Jones

Year 11 Standards’ Manager