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School Uniform

Please ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform

PHS School Uniform


Plain dark, flat shoes – no trainers.  Boots may be worn in winter but must be dark and trouser legs must be over boots.


Plain black or white.  Black or natural tights may be worn if preferred.


A white, short-sleeved polo shirt with School badge.  Black sweatshirt with School badge or black ‘V’ necked jumper with School badge or black cardigan with School badge (waist length).  A white polo shirt must be worn underneath any of these items.

Only the 6th form are permitted to wear shirts.


Plain black in a suitably smart style – no jeans or denims.  Skirt must be knee length and acceptable to the School.

Slim or straight legged trousers are acceptable. Skinny fit trousers and leggings are not appropriate.


Dark, plain.  Black fleeces, fleece lined and waterproof jackets with the School badge are available.

‘Hoody’ tops are not allowed on school premises.

 All top coats must be removed in classrooms.

HATS/CAPS are not to be worn inside the school building



Boys and Girls:

      i.        PHS Rugby Shirt, PHS polo shirt, PHS training top, PHS hoody, black or navy shorts, black or navy jogging bottoms, black or navy socks.  All tops must have PHS badge.  Hoodies must have name on back.

    ii.        No grey joggers are permitted.  No jewellery to be worn at all during PE lessons.

   iii.        PE kit is to be worn for PE lessons only (please note, hoody not acceptable for some activities).


NB: Pupils will be expected to bring PE kit even if excused and play some role within the lesson. Pupils not bringing the correct kit will be placed in detention in the first instance.  Further infringements will result in letters home.



      i.        Pupils are expected to be smart and well-groomed.  Excessive make up and jewellery are not acceptable.  Make up, if worn, must be discreet. No nail varnish. Hairstyles and hair colour must be acceptable.

    ii.        The only permissible items of jewellery are:

   iii.        One single fine chain necklace and one ring.  Earrings must be stud or small sleeper in style, no more than one per ear.


The School reserves judgement on what is acceptable uniform.