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Youth Engagement & Participation Service (YEP)

Rhondda Cynon Taff’s Youth Program is unique in Wales and offers a pioneering approach to the provision of after school, weekend and holiday activities. It aims to offer new experiences, skills and qualifications to young people.

We work with staff to provide alternative curriculum opportunities during the school day as part of an exciting range of activities aimed at increasing young people’s confidence and sense of achievement.

We have a wide range of afterschool activities on offer each term for our pupils:

Please note: Late Bus available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Leaves at 5:00pm.

(s) = Sign-up form required (available from the YEP Office)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch (1:20pm-2pm)   Girls Football


  Unisex Hockey Health Clinic

After School (3:05pm-5:00pm

Table Tennis
Cooking Club

Girls Rugby
Sugar Craft
Hair & Beauty
Homework & tutoring club
Free running
Fashion Designing
Sign Language
Abercynon Leisure Centre:-
Roller skating
Visual Art
5x60 (3:05pm-4:30pm) Hoola for Fitness (s) (Gymnasium) WRU Girls Rubgy (s) (Sports Hall) Girls Football (Sports Hall) Wheelchair Basketball & Basketball (s) Free Running (s) (Small Gym)
Evening Clubs (5pm-7:30pm)   All Welcome @
Pontypridd High!
Cooking & Multi-sports

Pontypridd High Schools YEP Service can be contacted by the following:

YEP Officer: Amy Bolderson


Phone: 01443 494911 (direct line)

5x60 Sports Officer: Lauren Edwards


Phone: 01443 494911 (direct line)