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Transition To Year 7

Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for parents and pupils. At Pontypridd High School we realise the importance of children’s wellbeing when moving from one setting to another and also when moving between Year 6 and Year 7. It is a challenging transition in a child’s life and we aim to ensure that this process is as smooth and positive as possible through a series of well-planned visits, events and activities throughout Year 6.

The number of pupils normally admitted to Year 7 is between 160 and 180 and these are mainly from the following cluster of schools:

  • Cefn
  • Cilfynydd
  • Coedylan
  • Craig yr Hesg
  • Maesycoed
  • Trehopcyn
  • Trerobart

In addition, there are significant number of pupils who join us from other primary schools. You can be assured that all pupils will be invited to our transition events.

There is a well-established transition programme and pupils transferring to us visit the school frequently during the summer preceding their entry. This enables pupils to familiarise themselves with the school and to take an active part in selected lessons.

Our staff also visit the primary schools in order to acquaint themselves with pupils and to support development of literacy and numeracy skills.

Transition Events 

September to December

During the Autumn Term our transition team will be making several visits to each primary school where they will meet with pupils. They will liaise with staff to gather up-to-date information and build strong relationships with pupils. They will be invited to attend a transition day in October where they will experience some of the activities on offer at PHS.

11th February 2020

Our annual musical production will take place and Year 6 will attend a special performance during the school day.

9th March to 13th March 2020

Year 5 will experience a taste of school life at PHS by joining us for transition, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the school and take an active part in a number of subjects. The week will consist of Science, Expressive Arts, Humanities, ICT and Tecnology. 

24th June to 26th June 2020

There will be an opportunity for the pupils to meet their new Year 7  form tutor.

There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to visit the school and discuss any remaining issues or concerns.


By now we will have got to know your children and we will be looking forward to welcoming them in September.

Year 5 Transition Event: 

Transition Days 1st July 2020 - 2nd July 2020

Year 6 Transition Event:  

Transition Week 24th June 2020 -  26th June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help my child make the transition from primary school? 

Pontypridd High School has an extensive transition programme. The process begins when we visit the main feeder primary schools in the autumn term, this is a time for us to start building relationships with year 6 pupils so that they feel more comfortable when they attend in September. We will make further visits in the spring and summer term with Year 7 ambassadors who can answer any questions the pupils may have. The visits provide us with vital information for us to plan all aspects of your child’s progress with us.

If your child does not attend any of the main feeder primary schools then please contact us so we can make alternative arrangements. 

What happens during Transition Week? 

In June, all pupils are given an opportunity to visit Pontypridd High School for a week. During this time year 6 pupils will experience a taste of school life where they will be able to familiarise themselves with the school and take part in a number of subjects. We organise for you to be transported from your primary schools to our school.

When can parents visit the school? 

As part of the transition, we hold 2 evenings throughout the year where parents are invited to have a look around our school. The first is in the autumn term when we hold our annual open evening, where you can have a flavour of the things that are on offer at Pontypridd High School. There is a second opportunity in June for parents to visit for our Transition evening. This will be another opportunity to discuss final worries, as well as receive information about transport, uniform etc. 

If you have further questions about your child’s transition then please contact us directly at school.

What does my child need to bring with them on the first day in September? 

Your child should be in full Pontypridd High School uniform. 

This is to help pupils to feel part of our community, encouraging a sense of belonging.

They will also need their bag, pencil case and packed lunch or money to buy food in the canteen. Their timetables and planners will be issued in the morning. They will not need their PE kit.


What registration class will my child be in? 

Registration takes place every morning for 20 minutes before lesson 1. During our transition visits, we will be asking your child who they would like to be in a registration class with.  Each child will be guaranteed to be with at least one friend in registration so they know a familiar face each day.

Can pupils bring mobile phones or other electronic devices to school? 

These items are brought in at pupils own risk. Mobile phones/electronic devices are not allowed to be used in lesson unless directed by the teacher. They are also not to be used during lesson change over. If any pupils use them without permission, they will be confiscated until the end of the day.

What happens if my child gets lost?

Many pupils worry about getting lost but by the time they are expected to find their way they will have been on many tours around the school. As well attending our transition week to familiarise themselves with the site, pupils will also be given a map to aid them. If pupils do get lost, there are always staff around to help.

How long is the school day? 

Start of School Day (Registration) 8:40am 9:00am
Lesson 1 9:00am 10:00am
Lesson 2 10:00am 11:00am
BREAK 11:00am 11:20am
Lesson 3 11:20am 12:20pm
Lesson 4 12:20pm 13:20pm
LUNCH 13:20pm 13.55pm
Lesson 5 13:55pm 14:55pm
End of School Day 14:55pm  

What if my child has an ALN? 

The ALNCo of Pontypridd High School Mrs Finney has already been out to all primary feeder schools to gather information on all pupils with ALN. Mrs Finney is aware of all of the needs of the ALN pupils and will ensure that the teachers teaching these pupils will have accurate information to meet all needs. Pupils will be closely monitored to ensure progress is being made and interventions will be put into place where needed. Pontypridd High School is currently using the ELSA programme to support pupils with emotional issues and all ALN pupils have access to a quiet room at break and lunchtime.  

For further information on Additional Learning Needs please refer to the ALN page here.


Parents and pupils 

Here are our booklets to help you with transition to year 7

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