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Pupil Guidance



Joining a Virtual Classroom Meeting

Guidance for Pupils and Parents

Joining Online Lessons/Sessions

Guidance for Pupils and Parents


The following guidelines are in place to safeguard pupils and staff when joining an online lesson/session. Please read the guidance carefully – any point that is unclear should be discussed a member of school staff before the pupil joins the online lesson/session.


All pupils and parents/carers must agree to adhere to the following guidelines before joining an online lesson/session.


Video conferencing and/or live streaming approaches may be used for the following purposes at Pontypridd High School:

  • To deliver ‘live’ lessons
  • To deliver feedback/check in sessions to classes or groups of pupils
  • For teaching assistants to offer learning support to small groups of pupils
  • To deliver registration/assemblies
  • To deliver wellbeing support (such as ELSA/circle time)
  • To deliver parent/carer meetings.




Safeguarding Considerations

Acceptable Use

All of the rules and regulations set out in the Pontypridd High School e safety and ICT Acceptable Use Policy (available on the school website) apply to the use of all home learning including online lessons/sessions. Please familiarise yourself with the content of this policy before joining an online lesson/session.


Pupils, parents and carers will be informed that an online lesson/session is going to take place using the Class Charts platform.


Wherever possible we do advise that parents/carers are in the room for the duration of the lesson/session, however, we do appreciate that this is not always possible.


All online lessons/sessions will take place using the Microsoft Teams platform. All pupils have access to this through their Office 365 school account.


Invitations to join the virtual classroom meeting will be sent by a member of staff to a pupil email account or through Microsoft Teams.


Personal accounts cannot be used there are GDPR considerations to be made around the storing and accessibility of this information.


Pupils should be encouraged to be in a social space, preferably accompanied by their parent/carer or other adult.


Please ensure the background is free of inappropriate/personal items and pupils are dressed appropriately.


Wherever possible two members of Pontypridd High School staff will be present in online lesson/session.


All meetings will be recorded.

Length of Session

Lessons/sessions will be kept as short as possible. The meeting will start with the staff member leading giving pupils a short amount of key information. Pupils will then have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments as appropriate. Sessions should last for between 30-45 minutes as a general rule.


The expectations of pupil behavior in an online lesson/session are the same as those outlined by our Positive Relationships Policy (available on the school website). A ‘classroom’ standard of behavior is expected including appropriate language and an appropriate standard of dress (uniform is not required) from all participants.


Should any pupil behave in manner that is deemed to be inappropriate by a member of staff they will be removed from the meeting immediately and the meeting may be terminated for all those present.


The consequences and possible sanctions of these actions will be decided in line with school policy.

Digitally Excluded Learners

Distance learning may not be possible for some digitally excluded learners. In order to ensure the principle of equity we will always offer alternative methods for those who are unable to access online learning.


Please contact staff in school to discuss options for learners who have no access to ICT.