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27th January 2021

Dear parent/carer,


We are delighted to inform you that we have secured several inspirational workshops for pupils in Year 10 and 11. These workshops will be held via Teams on Thursday 4th February. The workshops being delivered are as follows:

  • Resilience
  • Exam Busters
  • Managing Mental Health
  • Mastering Student Motivation

Each workshop will be one hour long (times are specified on the sign-up form). Please would you and your child/ren take a moment to look at the information attached to each of the workshops (at the bottom of this page) and complete the form by following the link below.


There are limited spaces available for the workshops, however if pupils would like to attend more than one workshop we will try to accommodate as best we can. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs Sidoli via her email:


Kind Regards


Mrs Sidoli

Dear Student, Parent / Carer, 


You may already be aware of the news being reported regarding the most recent changes related to awarding GCSE, AS and A level grades this summer. 


Today, Wednesday January, 20th the Welsh Government has confirmed that if you are taking GCSE, AS or A Levels this summer (2021), teachers at each school will decide the final grades. There will be no external assessment or exams. 


The Welsh Government and Qualifications Wales have also stated that 'grades will be determined by your school based on a range of assessment information. This could include assessments you have completed during the course, including coursework. Your school (Pontypridd High) will decide if they want to use adapted assessment materials provided by WJEC to help determine your grade. Your school will be able to consider how much course content you have covered when deciding what assessment information to use. This is so you won’t be assessed on anything you haven’t covered. WJEC will advise your school and check that the way they intend to determine your grades is suitable. To allow as much time as possible for more learning to take place, your grades will be determined by your school or college in the summer term'. 


Below is a link to download a full letter published by Qualifications Wales for students. 


I can reassure you that staff are already discussing the implications of this decision and in the interim period we will be making sure that your child(ren) receive the best possible wellbeing support and learning provision. Where we need to we will adapt what we are doing and you will be informed of any changes as soon as possible. As staff we will be acting on all the advice and guidance we receive. 


In the last few weeks we have moved from awarding GCSE / AS / A Level grades by three types of assessment to ‘one’ teacher assessed grade or ‘Centre assessed grade (CAG). This is not ideal of course but now we are in a very similar position to that which we were in last year in terms of how grades are going to be awarded. Since March last year time for learning at home and in school has been difficult and challenging but finally, there is now some clarity on how we need to work together to complete the examination courses everyone is studying.  

To this extent, it is a more positive situation given we have the experience from last year. We know we have very well established systems and procedures through which we can help and support each student towards the grades they deserve. I can assure you that all staff will provide every opportunity for students to achieve their best. 

I will of course keep you informed of further developments as we receive them and as always my thanks for your continued support. 


Huw Cripps