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Important information please read

From September 2017, Pontypridd High School will move to a two-week timetable. This means that the first week of the timetable will be different to the second week. A pupil's timetable will be divided into week 1 and week 2.

Each day is still based on five lessons, each an hour in length. This means students will still have 25 lessons over the course of each week.

The first week of September is Week 1, the next week then will be Week 2. The following week will then be Week 1, and so on - alternating throughout the year.

Holidays are ignored for the purpose of the timetable, so if one term finishes on Week 1, the next will begin on Week 2 after the holiday period.

The week numbers (Week 1 or 2) will be advertised through our website and via our Twitter account, they are also highlighted in the school calendar, which is also on our website. You need to know which week we are in, especially when packing your bag for school!

On your first day back – Tuesday the 5th of September 2017, you will receive a timetable which runs over a two week period.

The School Day remains the same.