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No Pens Day

On Tuesday, 6th December, we are holding a No Pens Day at Pontypridd High School. 

This means that for one day, pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 will not be asked to produce extended writing in their lessons, but will concentrate on developing their speaking and listening skills. 

Scientists and researchers know that talking and listening are really important in helping us to learn.  It cannot be denied that communicating effectively helps to support students’ achievements, friendships and prospects of employability.  Indeed, leaders in business rate communication skills as the most important skill they are looking for in employees.  However, 47% of employers say they can’t find employees with the communication skills they need.  We hope that our No Pens Day will help to develop pupils’ strengths in this area, improve their confidence and increase their enjoyment of learning and communicating effectively.

Schools taking part in No Pens Day also report improvements in engagement, attention and enjoyment.  Teachers have planned innovative and engaging lessons for the day, which will strengthen pupils’ communication and language skills.

More information on the benefits of No Pens Day for your child can be found by following the link to the Communication Trust’s website: