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Read along with:

On Monday 1st of March, we launched a weekly series of new videos entitled: 'Read Along With...' via our school YouTube channel. 

Each video will contain a member of staff reading a story, accompanied by the text itself, such that pupils can practise their reading skills as they read along. Our first book is 'Gangsta Granny' by David Walliams.


The links to the first five chapters are below.



Children who have good reading skills are more likely to achieve better outcomes across all subject areas, so helping children to improve their reading and comprehension is a key focus for all of our school community. 


Please encourage your child to watch the video and read along with the member of staff. 


Other ideas to improve reading and comprehension include:


  • Asking your child to summarise the chapter in within a few paragraphs (200 words, for example)
  • Asking them to describe their favourite character and say why they like the character. 
  • Asking them to describe their favourite part of the chapter. 
  • Asking them to predict what will happen next. 
  • Discussing all of the above with their friends, either through voice or video call.

We would really appreciate your engagement in this, as we believe it can add real value to the home schooling that our learners are experiencing at this time. Thank you for your continued support and the fantastic effort made by everyone involved.