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Goodbye from Miss Evans

A Final Farewell.

I cannot believe this time has come and so soon. I started at Coedylan Comprehensive but I am leaving Pontypridd High School after teaching here for more than 26 years. Where did the time go? Where did the teachers I started with go?  It’s a very sobering thought.

It has been a wonderful journey with so many outstanding and uplifting memories which I will cherish for as long as my recall will hold out. It would be naïve to expect anyone to believe that there were no hitches in 26 years. Sure, there was an occasional rocky road; tears and tantrums, a terrible timetable, a disagreeable class, an obnoxious colleague, a difficult pupil or a sad event. However, I can honestly say that some of the best times and experiences in my life have been linked to the school and the people inherent to it. The biggest belly laughs I have ever experienced, have come from teaching art. So many lovely, talented and funny pupils. It has been a joy.

I am so grateful for my current and ex-colleagues both teaching and non-teaching, I appreciate you all. There have been so many talented and caring individuals who have supported me throughout my career in countless but significant ways. Kind words, sharing evenings socialising, sports days, knees-ups, school events, trips, weddings, funerals, confiding highs and lows through life’s journey. It all brings us closer. Karaoke, not so much.  Real friends for life.

It has been my pleasure to head The Creative Arts Faculty, which is imbued with a team of exceptionally gifted teachers, both as individuals and as educators. I have every confidence that they will continue to grow in strength and offer outstanding opportunities to the pupils in each of the creative arts in future. I feel a twinge of regret not being a part of this anymore.

Finally, to the most important people in the school, the pupils. I have truly loved teaching our pupils over the years. Make no mistake, teaching art is the best. Helping pupils learn about themselves, develop their creativity and grow as people is a thrill and a privilege. I wish each one every success for a great future. Through them I have learned far more than I could ever have taught and I am eternally grateful for it. I will miss you all enormously.

Miss Gillian Evans.