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Introducing our Head Students

Meet our Year 13 Head Students for 2020:

Jodie Matthews

Nia Davies

Roman Ahearn

As circumstances have been a little different lately, so are the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. Nia Davies, Jodie Matthews and Roman Ahearn are all Head Students and will be representing the school for this academic year. ​

I applied to be a head student as I would like to enter university knowing there’s a secure environment left behind for students at Pontypridd high school. All students should be free to express themselves in their own manner and still be treated with respect.​” - Roman

I applied to be a head student as I want my experiences in school to benefit current and future students. The previous head students have made some lasting impacts that we wish to continue – therefore we want to make an impact that can be continued also.​” - Nia

I applied to be a head student as I want to make sure every student is able to get the support they need this year and I want to leave the school next year knowing I have made a positive impact for current and future students.“ - Jodie

“We are aiming to use our position as a head students to better the school experience for everybody - with a particular focus on developing the sixth form facilities for current and future generations. We wish to encourage more students to stay on and study their A Levels in our school.​ As well as this, we are aiming to develop a stronger support network and revision sessions for students who are due to sit their exams in these unprecedented times. We understand that we, as Year 13 students who have never sat an AS/A level exam, can relate to most GCSE students. Therefore, we wish to share our experiences with you to ensure you achieve your maximum potential in one of your most important years at school.​ Additionally we will be running the school council with pupils from all year groups to ensure we get the opinions and ideas from everyone in the school.”

“We hope that students will feel comfortable coming to talk to us, whether it be for advice, or to give us suggestions that you feel will benefit your school experience.​ We also encourage pupils to apply for the school council so they can have their say in the school”

Thank you

Roman, Nia and Jodie