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Goodbye Year 11

Last Thursday our Year 11 Leavers Assembly premiered live on YouTube.


The Year 11’s final year was cut short and as a result they did not get to have their traditional final assembly where they receive their Record of Achievement and celebrate their five years at Pontypridd High School. However, as staff we felt it was important they still had this experience so we put together a virtual assembly. This was a chance for the Year 11 pupils on Thursday evening to sit down with their families and watch the staff of Pontypridd High say goodbye and good luck. Every pupil was called up to the virtual stage to receive their ROA, there were many good luck messages from staff, awards voted for by the pupils themselves and memories of their time at school. The assembly was a real success with 129 people watching live. The comments from pupils and parents has been extremely positive and we are glad that everyone enjoyed the evening. If you would like to watch the assembly it can be found on our school YouTube Channel. See back page for the link to the video. I just want to say how amazing you have all been and wish you all the best with your futures. A big thank you to Mr Husband too for putting the assembly together.