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Dear Students, parents and carers


We are all aware that many of our students will be awarded a ‘fair grade’ for each of the qualifications they have been studying at GCSE or A Level this summer. As part of that process Qualifications Wales is carrying out a short consultation to collect the views of many people about this awarding process. The school will be submitting a response to this consultation but you also have the opportunity to write down what you think and send that to Qualifications Wales so that they can consider the views of everybody.


The role of Qualifications Wales is to:

● decide which qualifications schools in Wales can offer

● make sure all qualifications meet your needs and the needs of Wales

● make sure the exams you take are fair and our qualification system can be trusted.


You will find all of the documentation relating to this consultation on the school website. This includes The young person’s summary and survey response form. This is not a long process and responses must be completed and sent back by May 13th. All the documentation is also available on the Qualifications Wales website.


Please contact us if you want to discuss any aspect of this consultation process and require any help to complete the survey.


Many thanks


Mrs Oliver, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Ivins, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form

Mr Longden, Head of Years 10 and 11 Standards