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Suggested Remote Learning Timetable

We hope all of our pupils and their families have enjoyed a restful Easter break under the circumstances. As we are unable to return to school on Monday 20th of April, we will instead return to our home learning arrangements for the next few weeks at least.

In response to feedback gathered from parents and carers before the break we have made a few alterations to our remote learning provision which will restart on Monday.

In order to help pupils manage their workload we have agreed that all new work from core subjects (Mathematics, English and Science) will be released to pupils on a Monday of each week. Work from all remaining subjects studied will be released on a Thursday. Pupils should firstly log into classcharts to find details of the tasks they need to complete . From here they may be directed to a range of online learning tutorials and resources provided through platforms such as Microsoft Teams,  Youtube, and the school website. Teachers have been very busy working at home to create resources that will support pupils learning most effectively. As always we are keen to continually review and develop our work on this and will ask for more parent/carer feedback over the next few weeks to further improve this provision.

For those pupils who need help structuring their day we have put together a suggested home learning timetable. We do appreciate that family circumstances are very different and it may not be possible for a variety of reasons for all pupils to follow this timetable rigidly. This is completely fine. The timetable is there for guidance for those pupils who are able to follow it and may be adapted as appropriate to suit your situation at home.

We know that home learning is not easy for pupils or parents and very much look forward to the time when staff and pupils can be together again within our school community. However, as long as this situation continues it is crucial that we make every effort to do the best we can in terms of learning at home. Staff at PHS are still working to provide access to the curriculum by the most effective means possible and are all here to support our pupils in any way we can. Should you need any further support with home learning please don't hesitate to email 

We look forward to embarking on the next stage of our home learning journey together!