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A message for parents and carers


Dear Parent and Carer


We have reached the end of our first week of school closure and in our different ways, I imagine we are all coming to terms with a new routine and way of living. I am sure we could all share interesting experiences and challenges from the week that has past. Amongst all of that, I trust every family remains safe and well. 


We have received many comments about the work that children are completing. Thank you for so many positive comments and hopefully, staff have been able to provide the help you have requested in order to access what you need. We are aware of the issues related to internet access and are discussing how we can overcome or work around this as time goes on.


I am grateful to all staff for the work they have undertaken this week. Please keep in contact and they will support your child as best they can. Please be a little patient with this as I am sure you understand my staff also have their own personal and family commitments at this time. You will find contact details for staff on our website and phone numbers to ring in an emergency. If there are any concerns please get in touch. We do not want a very challenging situation getting any worse for anyone.


Next week we shall send you a copy of our newsletter. We will publish one of these every Monday whilst our school is closed and I hope it gives a more positive view of what is being achieved by our students, some extra ideas to keep ourselves happy and all of the information around home learning.


It is likely we will learn more next week about the criteria for awarding fair grades and we will make sure everyone is aware of that. Please also look at the RCT website should you require emergency childcare next week. Our school site at Pontypridd High is not open to children from now on but childcare can be applied for and accessed at Heol Celyn Primary School in Rhydfelin. Staff from Pontypridd High will form a part of the team that provides this service.


Having already introduced our daily workout, staff will also come 'live' to your home in the morning next week with ideas for the day ahead and to share experiences about how we are spending our time. Look out for more information on this.


Thank you for your support and please keep in touch. A very positive thing about this last week has been all the video conferences we have had between staff and also with the full governing body. It has been great to speak with colleagues and to be reassured by all their work and plans for the time ahead, however long that may be. 


Keep safe.


Huw Cripps


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