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A message for parents and carers

Dear Parent and Carer

 This week staff have been in school to provide childcare as requested by parents and carers who qualify as key workers. In truth numbers have been low and my thanks to everyone who has tried to find alternative solutions to childcare as we have been encouraged to do by the LA and Welsh government. The situation is a very changeable one for all of us and we will communicate any further advice for childcare to you as soon as it becomes available. Alternatively please use the RCT website which will update you and provide the details you need as from Monday, March 30th.

 The key message for all of us is to work within the ‘social distancing’ guidelines and limit contact and travel wherever possible. In order for us to manage this with our own staff, our school reception desk will be closed until further notice. Please access the school website where you will find contact phone numbers and email addresses for all the key staff you may want to communicate with. Staff are available to receive messages and I can assure you we will do everything to help with any concern or request.

 As previously mentioned, staff are already in discussions about the awarding of ‘fair grades’ but we are still waiting for formal guidance from Qualifications Wales and examination boards before we can make any real progress with this. Whilst it is unknown how long our school will be closed, I can also assure you that staff are having meetings about how we can better support home learning through more communication with your child(ren). We will provide more information on this next week as plans develop.

 Please keep safe and healthy and keep in contact with staff should you have any concerns or request help in any way with the work that your child is completing.


On behalf of all staff and school governors


Huw Cripps