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Gatsby Challenge Year 11

 A group of year 11 pupils attended the Gatsby careers challenge today

I would like to share the fantastic experience that the group of year 11 pupils who attended the Gatsby careers challenge had today!  

These pupils had a fantastic time and has said how the experience has helped them to develop their confidence and help them gain knowledge on the opportunities and support that is available for pupils after year 11. They are currently in the Clubhouse creating presentations that they will deliver to inform the remaining pupils in year 11 on Monday!

The pupils were given a clipboard with a challenge sheet attached to it where they needed to interview and interact with employers.

I am extremely proud of these pupils as they have been amazing today and have shown real maturity and confidence. There were 4 other local authority schools at the event and the careers Wales staff and event organisers could not praise our pupils enough.

Thank you to Mrs Morgan-Jenkins and Mr Goodger who supervised the visit.

Miss Griffiths.

It was a total pleasure,  the 12 pupils we took were a credit to the school and themselves. Their manners and behaviour were impeccable! People came on to me to tell me how impressed they were with our pupils!

Mrs Morgan-Jenkins