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A Level Results Day

I would like to congratulate each of our students who have achieved success with their ‘A’ level results. I am delighted that 100% of our students have achieved the Level 3 Threshold and Welsh Baccalaureate results are exceptional, with 100% passing the Skills Challenge Certificate at grades A* to C. In addition I also want to congratulate the many students who have achieved very good grades at the end of their A/S Year 12 studies. In terms of our Sixth Form provision these results are very encouraging for the year ahead.

With regard to final A Level results, particular mention must be given to Kimberly Jones with A*A*ABD and Georgia Wheeler with A*A*A grades along with Tessa Pounder AAAB and Taylor Daniels A*A*B. Similarly impressive results were achieved by Daniel Tollan, Lia Ferguson and Lydia Pearce with AABB, Morgan Jones, Lucy Hughes and India Lloyd Evans passed with AABC. Congratulations also to Alex John A*CCD, Chloe Ellis ACCD, Brittany Cowley A*BC, Roisin Moses A*BCE, Lucy Jones A*ADE, Chalis Matthews ABDE and Sophie Tarr ACCE who all performed to a very high standard. Twin sisters Alice and Kate Newton both achieved ACCD grades in support of each other !

Most pleasing is that these positive outcomes are allowing all students who successfully completed courses to access a course and destination of their choice.

As Headteacher I am very much aware that a major part of this success is a result of the very positive relationships and partnerships we have established with each family over a number of years. As always the commitment from all students, staff and the support of each family is greatly appreciated. Mr Bill Davies, Chair of Governors expressed his delight at what has been achieved. He congratulates all of the students on their results in addition to thanking staff for their continued hard work and support which ensures Pontypridd High continues to provide a very successful Sixth Form provision.

We thank those students who are now leaving us for their contribution to our School and wish them well as they move on to new challenges beyond Pontypridd High.

Huw Cripps



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