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Revision - Staff share their study tips

Staff share revision tips that worked for them.

Remember! Not everyone studies in the same way but there may be a technique here that will help you:

Miss Jones (Cymraeg)

Record facts that you find difficult to remember and listen to them. Walking to school, on the bus etc. Flash cards and ask a family member to test you. Complete plenty of past papers! 


Miss Pickens

Create a revision timetable to ensure enough time is allocated to each subject and don’t forget to timetable your ‘chill out’ time too!


Miss Flemming

My top tip is to find an empty table. Get all your work out and highlight key words.

 Then after each topic, aim to condense that information onto one page.


Mrs Thomas (Cymraeg)

Make mini flashcards of key words for your subjects. Also, many pupils take photos on their phones of some of the language displays we have in the Welsh rooms so they can look at vocab and sentence patterns any time


Mrs Stockman

Reward yourself- revise for half an hour then treat yourself (e.g. chocolate biscuit, cup of tea, walk in the fresh air) for ten minutes then go back to your revision


Mr Astley

Turn your phone off!!!


Mr Cripps

‘Ensure you know how the exam is structured so that when you revise you can picture the type of questions you could be asked to complete.’


Miss Pritchard

SLEEP WELL & GET UP EARLY. You will need a minimum of seven hours sleep a night to revise effectively. 


Mrs Young

Little but often, take breaks before starting next topic.


Mrs Evan-Jones

Eat regularly, revise for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break, take a short walk to freshen your mind and chew gum as it can help to re-focus your thoughts.


Miss AJ Davies

Listen to some music. Put some headphones in and just crack on with the work.


Miss Passmore

Record yourself speaking what you need to learn and listen to it as you fall to sleep every night. 

(It’s the only way I could remember my acting lines as a teenager)


Mrs D Davies

Post it notes everywhere with key things to remember. Your parents won’t mind, trust me!


Mrs Parry

Repeat and Reduce. 

I used to go over things repeatedly, writing them out and each time breaking them down in to smaller, easier to remember chunks and key-words, especially if it was for learning essays.  I’d reach the point that I had a key word per paragraph and would just learn the list of words which once in the exam I’d write out my list of say 12-15 words which I could then turn back into the essay…

 Also DO STUFF….past papers, mind maps, writing it out over and over.  Just reading it isn’t always enough – it seems familiar as it’s on the page in front of you!!!


Mrs Atwood

Revise in short intervals. Revise for 30 minutes max. Then have a break and go back to it.  Your brain can’t cope with an overload of information!


Mrs Toomey

Make a timetable so you are prepared for all of your exams and you don’t end up ‘cramming’

Practise makes perfect – Answer lots of questions, cover, answer again, etc.


Mr Watson

Plan your revision! It doesn’t happen by accident or by itself!

Commit yourself!


Mrs Dober

My tip would be to revise little and often. Do half an hour every day - and don't miss a day. 

If they learn to pick up a few more marks every day it can make a huge difference in the end and they won't be panicking the night before!