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Megan - our aspiring photographer

Megan's story

Megan Barry Smith is a year 7 pupil who is kind, warm hearted, friendly and beautiful inside and out.   From her appearance Megan looks like an average healthy child however her story below informs you what Megan has to cope with every day and what  incredible daily challenges she is determined to overcome.   With the support Megan has from both her family and in school Megan is making great progress to overcome her difficulties and anxieties.  Megan has a deep love of horses which she both cares for and rides and a huge passion for photography.  We are delighted to showcase Megan’s photographs that she has produced this week whilst working alongside Miss Amy-Jane Davies – teaching assistant and photography graduate.

Megan has diagnoses of Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) with right optic pathway glioma and migraines, learning difficulties and social communication difficulties.   NF1 is a neurological condition which causes abnormal development of skin and nerve tissue.   As a result, people with NF1 may have birth marks on their skin and more ‘hidden’ abnormal development of the brain and also have brain and spinal tumours.   Megan has a tumour which is affecting her visual pathways and this is being closely monitored on a regular basis.   Megan also has difficulties with motor coordination, tremors and unsteadiness which can fluctuate from day to day.   Megan also has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and anxiety.

For Megan to walk into school each day and overcome her daily challenges is a huge achievement one that she should be very proud of.

Please visit our gallery to see Megan's work by following this link: