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School Re-organisation

Dear Parent / Carer,

On Monday, November 12th school governors and staff met with representative Officers from the Local Authority. The purpose of the meeting was to ask questions and discuss the three proposals included in the Pontypridd School's reorganisation document.

I can confirm that the majority of the discussion was focussed around the proposal to close our Sixth Form from August 2022. We are opposed to this proposal for a number of reasons and we used the meeting with the LA Officers to present different information related to this point. We believe it is essential that a Sixth Form remains in place within the main town area of Pontypridd.

On Monday, November 19th at 6.30pm we are having a meeting at Pontypridd High with parents and carers to explain our position in relation to each proposal, such as that with the Sixth Form. This meeting will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the consultation process and the information included.

If you have a question please email it to before next Monday so that I can ensure you are given a full answer.

It is essential that the LA receive as many responses as possible as part of this consultation process. In the meeting next Monday we will ensure that everyone is made fully aware of all the additional details that help explain our thinking in relation to each proposal.

Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to seeing you next Monday at 6.30pm.


Huw Cripps