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Pen y Fan Trip by Tazkia Choudrey

Tazkia Choudrey reports on her trip to Pen y Fan

 Pen Y Fan

The hike up Pen Y fan and Corn Du that took place on Wednesday was a remarkable experience. It offered not only a chance to exercise the muscles but also to take in some stunning, picturesque views.

 It took some difficulty to get used to the steep path; but soon enough it became easier the more we went on. The stunning landscape that surrounded us certainly aided us in forgetting about our struggle; all around you could see sheep grazing on the rolling slopes and up ahead of us stood Corn Du. Pen Y Fan stayed hidden out of sight until we came closer to the level stretch that led up to the peak of Pen y Fan. Once we reached the summit of Pen Y Fan we took a few moments to take in our surroundings; the steepest sides of the Brecon Beacons were now visible. The scene was truly a sight to behold; I could write pages and pages describing the natural beauty but the extent of the exquisiteness cannot be described in words.

After snapping a few photos and devouring our lunches we set of for the summit of Corn Du which lay only a short amble away. The views at the top of Corn Du were equally as stunning as Pen Y Fan but offered a different perspective of the Beacons. We took a few minutes to take in the scenery before descending the mountain; on the way down we came across a memorial that held a sombre story behind it and we came across a lake that held a magical secret. The way down was a little treacherous and rocky underfoot but it required less effort than heading up the mountain; there was also one other uphill stretch but it took mere minutes to ascend it.

The euphoric end of our hike was marked once we all stood outside the Storey Arms; the last few minutes of walking consisted of walking on the pavement alongside passing cars to reach the minibus. Overall the walk was a refreshing way to spend the day and if you ever get the chance to walk up the monumental mountain then I highly recommend you grab it with both hands; there’s also a few intriguing stories and tales to hear along the way.