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Stories of Coal

Over the past three years, pupils of Pontypridd High School have been working on a Heritage Lottery funded animation project about coal mining in the South Wales Valleys. 

We are pleased to say that we've finally completed it, and the outcome is a 46 minute documentary comprised of hand-drawn animations and interview footage of miners and historians. 

Credit goes to the pupils who have stuck with the project since September 2016 and have given up two to three nights a week since then to design, develop and create the film. It is entirely their own work, and we couldn't be more proud of them. 

The film will premiere on 27th June at the University of South Wales' Brecon Building at 7pm. Of course, you are all invited. We have 250 - 300 seats to fill, so please bring friends and family (or anyone else you think will be interested). we would love to fill the space for our pupils - they deserve it!

Please contact Mr Husband at the school if you would like to attend -

Printable invite via link below:

Below is a link to the trailer: