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Student Groups

Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament plays a key role in making decisions at Pontypridd High School. Each pupil has a specific role to play in order to make the Parliament pupil led and self-sufficient.

The Parliament is made up of six lead teams:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Events and the Community
  • Behaviours and Rewards
  • The Learning Environment
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Diet and Nutrition

Each team has a team leader and designated members. The Head Boy and Head Girl oversee the decisions made, as do the Head Boy and Head Girl for Key Stage 4.

The members take part in an application and interview process to be part of the Parliament. Each pupil applies for a specific team and/or role and they are allocated a position as a result of the interview.

The Parliament meets regularly in order to discuss and debate ideas and propositions regarding the school and school life.

Roving Reporters

The Roving Reporters are a group of students from across the year groups that regularly come together due to their shared interest in journalism. Over the years, the Roving Reporters have interviewed key members of the community, participated in the BBC School Report and covered events going on in the school. Articles that the group write are posted on the school website, but also sometimes feature in the Pontypridd Observer, allowing Reporters to truly feel what being a journalist is like.

Get in touch!

If you are interested in participating in the Pupil Parliament or Roving Reporters or know of events in the school that you would like to write about, please write your name and form down on a slip and return to Pupil Services.